Having Fun, Changing Your Body

The Not Doctors is now an official Access Consciousness™ class!

We’ll be celebrating this with our first ‘official’ free telecall called “Having Fun, Changing Your Body”

What if the easiest way to change anything with your body was by having fun?!

If you’re done with the ‘serious business’ and drama of your body and you’re ready to jump into having the juicy, orgasmic, and funny possibilities of having a body click on this link for all of the deets:


And here is a sexy clip of your Not Doctor pal, Not Doctor Bret about his new shower oil fun-time:


Who or what can you add to your life that would contribute to the lusciousness, the lavishness, and the yumminess of my body right away?


-Not Doctor Bret


We’re Doing A Telecall!

On February 7th (8th in Australia), The Not Doctors will be having their very first Telecall, and guess what…. it’s free!

Not Dr Liam and Not Dr Bret, were weak. Pale. Full of disease. 

Even though they don’t have any medical qualifications they were able to cure the diseases that they created with simple, fun and easy to use tools. 

What if you unleashed your inner Not Doctor TOO? Would you like that?

To embark on this voyage with us, and possibly change the face of disease on this planet (or at least for you) forever click the shiny blue button below to register. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live on the call, we’ll send you the recording.



Not Doctors Episode IV: A New Hope

 Welcome! We put together this video for you to give you a taste of our weird and wacky world! 

Apologies for the weird video configuration. We thought we were recording it a certain way, but it turns out technology had other plans for us.

Thank you for playing with us!

click here green button and pointer hand

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-Not Doctor Bret                                            -Not Doctor Liam